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day three // come on down...

the price is right taping

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I finished up my shopping and headed over to CBS Studios. You have to show your ticket and ID just to get passed the guards at the gate. It was close to 11.30am when I went to check in. They marked my Audiences Unlimited ticket as number "6" and told me to come back around 12.30pm. I didn't really want to go anywhere so I stayed there in the waiting area and looked around at the CBS gift shop.

By 12.30pm the place had FILLED UP with Price Is Right hopefuls. People were excitedly talking and yelling. There were a few groups wearing matching bright colored tee shirts as well as others in home made "pick me" type shirts. I totally forgot how people did that but I had on my Ohio "heart of it all" shirt.

Finally they called us up by different groups and we sat in order on two rows of facing benches around the corner. They gave us our name tags and individual numbers. I was number 117. In front of me was another contestant all alone, Joseph, from Long Island NY. He had been in town on vacation, sight seeing for a week or so, and was headed back home on a 9pm flight. On the other side of me were two friends, Eric and Justin, who were entertainers and corporate event planners. They started their own business a few years ago and now even live next door to each other. They were really really funny guys and pretty soon, all four of us were having fun in line.

And that was a good thing... especially since the previous show ran late and we were stuck in line for probably 5 hours!!! The wait was pretty horrible, and honestly wore me out a bit. The interviewed each of us in groups of about a dozen and also took a picture of us. Once we got inside, I got my energy back! The studio is overwhelming in its retro flower power madness, but it is also much smaller than you would think. They decided where we sat, and when looking at the stage, we were off to the far right, just in front of the announcer.

They were playing disco music and everyone was up, dancing and clapping. They went over our responsibilities as contestants and audience members and we were ready to get started. It was crazy because it was sooooo loud in there that you actually cannot hear the announcer at all. When they call your name they also have a guy on stage with cue cards. And that's how my brand new line standing friend, Eric, found out that he was to "come on down!!!!!" Yes, Eric was sitting next to me and got called to contestant row. We were so excited!

I think he won the second round of bidding and went on stage for his game. Again, in the audience, it's hard to hear and you have signs and people telling you when to cheer. Eric had some half price game, where they give you two items with prices above them. You have to guess which one has the full price above it and which one has the half price above it. It was very difficult and the three of us left in the audience tried our best to help. We had to watch the monitors up above our heads to even see what he was bidding on. The cameras were in our faces the whole time so I'm sure we're all over the TV at this point.

Unfortunately, Eric didn't win his game, so next we were keeping our fingers crossed for the spin off. He got 60 cents first and decided to spin again. He came close to the dollar but ended up with 80 cents. Not great, but not horrible either. The two girls that spun after him went over a dollar!!! Eric was in the final showcase. Unbelievable.

So we finished up the second half of the show, but we were just anxiously awaiting the showcase. It was really funny because Justin, Eric's friend, was so jealous. It was his idea to come there to begin with and he really wanted to be on the show. But he was still happy for his friend of course. Between each contestant, Drew Carey was sweet and chatted with the audience a lot. He was recently ill with pneumonia, so he talked about that and the tv show Lost that he watched while recuperating. Haha. He also talked about In-and-Out Burger's secret menu that you can find online. I'm looking into that!

Finally, the showcase. Eric was the lesser winner so the woman he was bidding against got the chance to pass. And she did. Eric's showcase was some expensive looking hot tub jacuzzi thing, a new bedroom set with new mattress, and a line of designer women's clothing. The three stooges in the audience tried helping Eric again, but we had no idea. My thought was $15,000 bucks. Eric bid $17,500. I was worried.

The woman's showcase was a trip to Lake Tahoe in a private jet, $2,000 cash plus other stuff for the trip and a new boat. She bid something like $38,000. The other two thought she was way over but I thought she was close.

They took a break and Eric pointed out me, Justin and Joseph to be his friends on stage if he won. OMG! I couldn't believe this was happening! So then they were back. We couldn't believe it but Eric was actually under the retail price of his showcase... Wayyyyyy under. By around $17000 dollars. Oh no. Our only hope was that the woman was over her price. Drew went to her, and said that she was going to be really disappointed... Because she was over. By $1,000 dollars.

What? Eric won!!!!!!!! Before we knew it, there was a camera in our faces again. A crew member was motioning for us to run up on stage and we did! We jumped around and hugged Eric. We were standing by the bath tub with the models. So exciting. Then someone said, "Why don't you check out your bedroom set?" We ran over and jumped on the bed. Drew came over and started throwing the designer dresses on all of us. It was great. I didn't know what to do but I kept telling Eric how amazing it was and waving at the camera. I know I looked like a dork but I don't care!!! The taping will air March 27th.

Afterwards, Joseph had to run to catch his flight. I hope he made it! It was almost 7.30pm and his flight left at 9pm. Then Eric had a lot of paperwork to fill out. Once he was done, he took me and Justin out to dinner at Maggionno's. We had a really nice time. All the people saw us with our name tags on and the conversation usually went like this: "Did you get on the show?" "Yeah-huh." "Really? Did you win anything?" "Um, yeah." "Really, what?" "Um... the whole thing!"

After that they guys dropped me off at the hostel and we exchanged info. They were so nice. I really hope to keep in touch with them. What a great day!!!


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